Change log

We list the changes proposed by others, by date, name and change. We started logging changes when we felt the principles were ready to be made public, in May 2019.

Paulita Pappel (performer)

16 May 2019.

Raised concern about how models are represented by the production company, especially around race and body shape. A good point! In the section “Are you clear on how the content will be used and distributed?”, we added a recommendation “Describe how content will be presented in context (if exploitative or demeaning terms based on physical characteristics are likely to be used, like race, activity or body shape, for example “fat latina ass”, or “white teen destroyed by black cock”).

Nichole Shae (performer)

20 July 2019.

  • These principles should be dictated by the actual needs of porn performers.
  •  Consultation of a diverse range of performers and/or performer-led rights based organizations is needed for a ‘preferred treatment of porn performers’-statement to hit home. Think of diversity in; gender, work experience, ethnicity, medical status, physical and mental diversity, legal status (of performers and/or sex work) etc.
  • Different porn sets as well as different sexual acts ask for different approaches, therefore a diverse range of companies and ‘genres’ should be included in this consultation.
  • Consultants (performers, and others) should be paid for their time being involved with this project.
  • Each principle should have clear(er) reasoning for being, including the perspective the principle is written from. Who is it designed to ‘protect’? Why does that need ‘protecting’? How is this influencing peoples own agency to choose the work they want to do. How does this exclude or discriminate against certain performers?
  • Information to get in touch with or find a local sex worker led organization should be included.