Do you honestly explain the risks to new models?

Models new to the industry can only make an informed decision to participate when they understand both the benefits and risks of appearing in sexualised material online. Read more

Do you clearly explain what the work involves, in writing?​

Models can be confused with jargon and abbreviations, and in the glamour of the situation choose to assume the best, or not want to appear naive. This may cause models to agree to more than they realise. Read more

Are you clear on how the content will be used and distributed?

Some models, especially those new to the industry, may make incorrect assumptions about the content’s accessibility. Read more

Do you have a high standard of STI testing, with shoots only proceeding with negative results?

The sexual health of models is paramount. While we all acknowledge that STI tests cannot be 100% effective in eliminating STI transmission, regular testing is a valuable tool to reduce disease spreading. Read more

Do you respect a model's choice to retract consent at any time?

Consent only exists in the moment, and can be retracted at any time.  Models understand that completing a full scene is required to be paid, but that the rate of pay may vary if they choose not to complete at the agreed level / sexual acts. Read more

Do you pay models the agreed rate, method, and timeframe?

Models are always paid the agreed rate (including agreed reimbursements) by the agreed method and within the agreed timeframe. Read more

Do you have a “cooling off” period for first-time models?

Because of the permanent and polarising nature of the work, the first time a model appears in a production with a company, they are given a cooling off period, where they can return fees paid in exchange for the shoot being destroyed (before the shoot is released). Read more

Do you ensure your staff and crew who work with models are managed, vetted and trained?

Models have a reasonable expectation to work with professional people. Producers are responsible for ensuring model safety and respect on set, by employing people who behave professionally and ethically. Read more

Do you have a process for models who wish to have their content removed?

Despite being well-informed and having decisions respected on shoot days, models may change their minds about their choices to appear in adult media. Read more

Do you expect to be available to answer models questions years in the future?

It’s common that models are comfortable with the work they made in the following days, weeks and months. But sometimes, models can have questions years later. For example, a model has a question about taxation, or wants to review their signed release forms. Read more