Let’s improve together

We aim to help make adult entertainment content creation be an enjoyable experience for all involved. We believe that all models have a right to fair payment for agreed work, under safe and friendly working conditions. We advocate for every model’s right to make an informed decision about the work they are seeking.

We identify that there is a power imbalance, in that production companies generally hold more power than models. We encourage content production companies to change their business so they can answer “yes” to all of these questions, and we hope they proudly proclaim, “We score 10/10 on the Ethical Treatment of Porn Models test!” (this approach was inspired by the Joel test for software development companies).

The audience of this project is two-fold. Producers who employ models to appear in shoots can consider improving their offering to models. Models can use this to ask questions of Producers, and to assess if a Producer is right for them.

The principles

As a pornographic content producer;

  1. Do you honestly explain the risks to new models?
  2. Do you clearly explain what the work involves, in writing?
  3. Are you clear on how the content will be used and distributed?
  4. Do you have a high standard of STI testing, with shoots only proceeding with negative results?
  5. Do you respect a model’s choice to retract consent at any time?
  6. Do you pay models the agreed rate, method, and timeframe?
  7. Do you have a “cooling off” period for first-time models?
  8. Do you ensure your staff and crew who work with models are managed, vetted and trained?
  9. Do you have a process for models who wish to have their content removed?
  10. Do you expect to be available to answer models questions years in the future?

Worked with someone dodgy?

We work to recognise content producers who are good, but we’re not able to police the others. But we do have some tips on moving past it.