Worked with someone dodgy?

Unfortunately, there are porn producers out there that don’t have a model’s best interests at heart. Their approach is often not illegal, but it leaves a lot to be desired (if you think they did do something illegal, speak to a trusted friend about it, make detailed notes, and tell the police).

Here’s what we recommend of you have such an interaction.

Already occurred?

You’ll likely only find out about this after the work is done, and perhaps Release forms signed.

That producer is likely going to use the work they made with you, regardless of your experience. With a signed Release form, there’s not much recourse for you.

Let them know

You’re (hopefully!) never going to work with them again, so you may as well send them a short message describing the issue. It’s possible they are not aware of the problem you have.

Let them know the details of the issue – by email is fine – and give them a chance to make amends. Maybe there was an honest mistake?

Let them know you won’t be referring your friends to them (and in fact, you might actively warn them off).

Also let them know that in future, you’re going to ask producers questions like those listed here on, and that they might consider asking themselves those questions, too!

When finding new producers…

Actually ask them the questions listed on our front page. Listen to their answers, and ask follow-up questions. there are many producers in the world, but only one of you. Don’t hesitate to choose someone else if something feels “off”.

Our questions are worded to prompt “yes / no” answers, but you probably want more information. Consider re-wording the questions, for example:

Original: Do you respect a model’s choice to retract consent at any time?

Reworded: What happens if I change my mind in the middle of a shoot?

Share the good experiences you have

When you have a good experience with a producer, share the experience – let them know directly, let us know, tweet about it.

Garion Hall, a co-creator of this site, answered the questions I want to become a porn star. How can I apply? on Quora with some interesting advice.