Do you ensure your staff and crew who work with models are managed, vetted and trained?

Models have a reasonable expectation to work with professional people. Producers are responsible for ensuring model safety and respect on set, by employing people who behave professionally and ethically.


  • Require staff and crew who work with models to supply a “police check”, or similar indication of appropriate historic behaviour
  • Do not employ people who have a known history of assault (of any kind) or violence against others
  • Engage non-model workers to form and revise internal policies on how to work with models
  • Train non-model workers on the business’s expectations on working with models; discuss difficult situations
  • Counsel poor performers with additional training, and do not work with repeat-offenders
  • The company has a “Safeguarding policy” (covering children, vulnerable adults, and those in at-risk circumstances); all staff are familiar with how to work with these people, and when to report an issue
  • Consideration is given to non-model workers’ mental health, including rest-days, and an open culture of respect for mental health issues.