Do you honestly explain the risks to new models?

Models new to the industry can only make an informed decision to participate when they understand both the benefits and risks of appearing in sexualised material online. Because it’s likely to “be forever”, there are real risks prospective models should be aware of, including:
  • Their employer finding out, and it affecting their employment
  • Their family / partner’s family finding out, and affecting their relationships
  • The existence of sexual material online may limit future employment (some employers have a “bring no disrepute to our organisation” clause in employment contracts)
  • Permanently removing all content from the internet is not practically possible
  • Transmission of an STI is possible, despite rigorous testing
  • Bruising occurring from BDSM play / spanking
Of course, many prospective models are comfortable with these risks, and choose to proceed with the work.


  • Ask prospective models directly how they’d feel if they were found-out by a parent / family friend / employer
  • Ask prospective models to consider how the work might affect their current or future work/career
  • Ask how the work might affect them in later life, such as having children
  • Never “downplay” the risks; provide realistic or real examples
  • Inform prospective models that due to the nature of the internet, permanent and total content removal is not possible
  • Acknowledge that the model is sharing an intimate part of themselves, and that they may feel vulnerable doing this. Customer comments on their work may not be flattering. Ask if the model is comfortable with that.