Do you clearly explain what the work involves, in writing?

Models – especially those new to the industry – can be confused with jargon and abbreviations, and in the glamour of the situation choose to assume the best, or not want to appear naive. This may cause models to agree to more than they realise.

Disreputable producers may bait-and-switch (that is, offer work of a certain level, then demand a higher level on-set), increasing confusion.


  • Provide models with access to example images and video demonstrating the sexual acts they’ll be expected to participate in, well before the shoot day
  • Clearly indicate the mediums the work will be captured in (for example, stills, video, VR, live…)
  • Have a Release form written in “Plain English”, with minimal legal terminology
  • Provide a copy of the Release form for the model to read before the shoot day
  • Email models with a booking confirmation that describes the precise requirements and expectations for a given scene (including exact posing levels, number of participants and their roles, agreed fees, expected start and finish times, and any items the model is expected to bring to the shoot day)
  • Invite models to have that email on-set, and to cross-check working conditions and activities to match.