Are you clear on how the content will be used and distributed?

Some models, especially those new to the industry, may make incorrect assumptions about the content’s accessibility. Some examples include:
  • Content created in Spain, models may assume it will only be accessible to people in Spain – so a British tourist may assume the content will never be seen in the UK.
  • It’s reasonable for a model to assume that content created for a pay-site will only be on that pay site, and not on partner / affiliate sites
  • A model may not be familiar with online promotions and “Affiliates” using content to drive sales, for example on social media platforms or image gallery sites
  • A model may not be aware that content can be used to promote a site from being placed on “Tube” sites
  • Models may not consider content piracy possibilities


  • Clearly list where the material will be deliberately distributed
  • Describe how content will be presented in context (if exploitative or demeaning terms based on physical characteristics are likely to be used, like race, activity or body shape, for example “fat latina ass”, or “white teen destroyed by black cock”)
  • Explain to models how Affiliates may use their content, show examples
  • Describe your approach for piracy reduction
  • Have a channel for models to report piracy, and action reports promptly
  • Inform the model that if they feel uncomfortable with customer interaction or comments on the model’s work, the model can notify you and expect the comments to be moderated appropriately

For extra credit

  • Share monthly pirated content removal success rate with models