Do you respect a model's choice to retract consent at any time?

Consent only exists in the moment, and can be retracted at any time.
Models understand that completing a full scene is required to be paid, but that the rate of pay may vary if they choose not to complete at the agreed level / sexual acts.

Clearly explaining the work (and providing examples) before the shoot day should eliminate most problem situations.


  • Any time a model expresses concern about continuing before or during a scene, stop filming and respectfully discuss
  • Accept that “no means no”
  • Work to find common ground (ie, shoot what the model does find acceptable)
  • If a model changes their mind during the scene, they should be given the option of destroying recorded media for a shoot that cannot be completed, while accepting no payment
  • Consider that the model may feel guilty for changing their mind, and work to alleviate those feelings: the long term mental health of models should be a priority.